Spesialen 2008

Her kommer noen bilder fra spesialen 2008.
En virkelig minnerik helg for alle som har hunder fra oss
og ikke minst for oss som oppdrettere.
Tusen hjertelig takk til flotte valpekjøpere som
stiller opp år etter år.


Here's some pictures from our clubshow 2008.
A weekend with lots o fgreat memories for us all.
Thank You all who came with their dogs.


Dratini's Beatifly "Zira" became BIS-puppy.

Dratini's Blastoise "Stacy" became third best in puppy class.


Flymossens Dratini. Odin became winner of his class with an excellent, and second best male.
Also the best Norwegian dog!

Draini's Aron Reiko (Shown by Benedicte). Reiko Became 2nd best in his class (after Odin), with Excellent.
Ha was also the last dog who where not plased in the best male class.

Dratini's Alakazam Fenris. Fenris became 4th best in the same class as Odin and Reiko with an Excellent.

Dratini's Ariados Hero got a good in the same class as his brothers.

Dratini's Azumarill. Zuma became third best in her class with an excellent, and even fourth best female!

From left to right: Reiko, Fenris, Hero and Zuma. With these four lovely dogs we became BIS breeder!

Nuch Hauswarts Black Heavy Charon. The oldest dog in the show, almost 12 years "young".
He became third best veteran male, and a price of honor.

Left to right. Avrafastes Cavatina, best female veteran, Judge Mr. Michael Kunze, Scanderna's Svart Orlando,
Amy's father, became BIS Veteran.

Biko van De Bremmerstee, dad of our B-litter. He became Best Dog and got a new
title this weekend, Norwegian Champion (Nuch)!

Best Male, Biko Van De Bremmerstee, Judge Mr. Michael Kunze, BIS Aysy Lobivia

Father and daughter, Biko and Zira

Dratini's Beautifly "Zira"